• 5 reasons why Video Surveillance Market is growing

5 reasons why Video Surveillance Market is growing

During the last years, surveillance systems presented a significant growth in the local market and become one of the most profitable businesses. This growing trend can be seen in all kind of organizations, from small companies to big enterprises, hospitals or schools. But, what are the key drivers of this growing trend? The following points are identified as some of the main reasons of the growth of video surveillance market.

1. Surveillance systems decrease theft and vandalism
With a surveillance systems, businesses can watch the comings and goings of the visitors, view chain stores on one computer, or even on the way in a mobile phone with surveillance mobile apps. This has been proved to be an effective way to mitigate and significantly reduce the risk of theft and vandalism. Furthermore, is not only a way to prevent, but also to have evidence, thanks to features like motion detection and recording footage.

2. Higher efficiency in internal communication
Is not only about security. Surveillance systems increase productivity on communication between different sectors of the company. Being able to have eyes on critical sectors of a business allows companies to have a better communication and cooperation increasing efficiency in the business chain.

3. Resolve discords fairly and efficiently
Surveillance cameras also help to resolve discords. This can be internally between employees as well as employees with customers. Surveillance cameras are the most efficient evidence to analyze what happened and efficiently resolve disputes.

4. Cost Saving
A reduction in theft, is a reduction in costs. Surveillance systems prevent and significantly reduce external theft threats that may represent a significant business cost, as well as, helps to improve staff productivity or identify unproductive staff. When a surveillance system is installed, businesses can access to lower costs in insurance services.

5. A safer workplace
Protecting the staff is protecting the most important piece of a business. A digital surveillance system will protect employees and make them feel safer. No matter if an employee needs to leave late in the night or if they are inside the building working with valuable inventory or even in the car park, they will feel and be safer.
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