• Easing the pain of printer set ups

Easing the pain of printer set ups

Did you know that setting up a printer ranks as our third most stressful task after completing tax returns and setting up flat-pack furniture?

Given 85 percent of Aussies own printers – and a significant amount of us sell printers – the frustrations of setting up, connecting and printing is not lost on us!

To see just how serious the issue was, Canon commissioned independent research company to canvas Australians on the frustrations they have using technology. As a result, Canon Australia introduced a support ecosystem to make life easier with its homegrown service Print Assist™, to ensure setting up, connecting and printing is less painful.

Guided video tutorials, 7-day phone customer service support and online live chat support aim to get customers up and print in less time and with less pain.

Naturally Canon’s service is only for their own printers, however, we congratulate them on taking this innovative step, and look forward to seeing how the rest of the print channel responds.

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