• Recommending the right touch screen is like recommending the right pizza

Recommending the right touch screen is like recommending the right pizza

This article is written by our Interactive & Digital Signage Product Manager.

Just like pizzas, not all touch screens are the same. The reality is that simple touch has become multi touch, overlays are now integrated instead of added to improve reliability and responsiveness, outboard PC's have become integrated beyond OPS and Android is embedded or the most powerful processor available at the time of manufacture. Cameras have been added. High quality microphone arrays have been added. Wireless has been added. Video and Audio conferencing with AEC (automatic echo cancellation) has been added. Remote networked collaboration has been added. Wireless streaming has been added. Recording features have been added.

So many features are available, but not all are included or embedded as a standard in every IFP on the market!

With so many to choose from and so many different features available – how do you recommend the right one for your customers?

Here are the kinds of questions you need to ask to understand your customer’s needs:

  • What is the intended use for the touch screen you are enquiring about?
    • Digital Signage/Wayfinding/presentation/POS/Staff information/ Kiosk/other?
  • Are you planning on creating the content yourself or is it a 3rd party?
    • If it’s a 3rd party, then discover what CMS (content management system) they use because they generally don’t want to have to learn another one.
    • If they want to manage the content themselves, set clear expectations around the education required to become power users so that they get the most out of the solution which you recommend and support.
  • Is the screen being installed as an extension of an existing system deployment?If so you better find out what the problems were with their previous partner so that you may decide whether it’s even in your best interests to proceed or avoid without boiling the ocean
    • What environment will the screen be installed in?Domestic v Commercial
    • IP and medical ratings
    • Will they be used 24/7 or less? This answer affects warranty in a major way if the actual use is not the same as intended use…
  • What size do they need?
    • Scaling of content is very important

Just like recommending a pizza to someone there are a lot of questions you need answers to before you can make your recommendation. Alloys has the expertise and knowledge to help you navigate these questions and recommend the right solution. Contact me if you would like help analysing your customers requirements.

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