• What was new in Panasonic's stand at Integrate last week

What was new in Panasonic's stand at Integrate last week

Panasonic is a leader in the development and delivery of visual technologies and imaging solutions that captivate audiences all around the world. Last week at Integrate Panasonic presented an immersive stand at integrate showcasing the ways that their AV and IT solutions can be combined to entertain, engage, educate and inspire!

One of the most interesting AV solutions showcased by Panasonic was the EQ1 Series 4K Professional Displays. The EQ1 Series includes six new models, ranging from 43-inches to 86-inches, making them ideal for corporate meeting rooms, classrooms and various digital signage situations. The EQ1 series is embedded with content management software for automated signage playback with scheduling functionality. The display also includes optional early-warning software to monitor device status, operation history and to send proactive alerts if abnormalities are detected. These displays can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation.

These new 4K display monitors are already being used in a wide range of professional environments including public information displays, store signage, rental and staging, broadcast studios and meetings rooms. Thanks to their high impact resistance and a 24/7 operation capability, they withstand the toughest conditions. So they can be relied on to perform wherever information delivery is critical, like train stations, airports, shopping centres and control rooms. To extend their usage even further, all Panasonic 4K LED displays are compatible with their previous large 1080p plasma screens accessories and lifting systems.

Durable and Professional 4K UHD LDC Displays
Additionally, Panasonic also showcased the SQ1 Series 4K Professional Displays. The new SQ1 Series expands the 4K display line-up with 86-inch and 98-inch display sizes. The displays offer a stylish and slim design, perfect for applications which require high image quality. They have a built-in USB Media Player, eliminating the need for external devices and reducing cable connections.

With a special frame construction that reduces monitor weight by up to 22% (and an 84” display weighing just 84Kg) the glass-less version of Panasonic 4K display screens can be safely mounted high up, ensuring more viewers can see them. Great for rental and staging companies, control room applications and conference rooms. They can also be installed vertically or display 4-inputs on one screen for maximum digital signage impact.

At Integrate 2018 Panasonic deployed an Ultra HD dome projection display featuring their flagship 4K+ PT-RQ22K laser projector along with the newly-released ET-D3LEF70 fisheye lens which has been intuitively designed for applications such as planetariums, theme-park attractions and theatres to give viewers a thrilling immersive experience.
Panasonic Integrate 2018 Stand by Infocus Design

Source: Panasonic Australia

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