• Are you ready for the Grand Final

Are you ready for the Grand Final

Grand Final day is almost here. Whether you’re the biggest AFL fan on the planet or just tune in for Grand Final, this is an event few pass up. It’s a day to gather with friends, enjoy great food that probably isn’t great for you, and pick a box or two with the hope of scoring the right points to win a few bucks.

Do you want to make game day even better? Great opportunity to maximise your home entertainment with some new AV and Smart Home devices.

With Home Theatre projectors you can transform your home entertainment into a wireless Full-HD 2D or even 3D experience. New Home Theatres projectors offer flexible installation and total clarity in all lighting conditions and you can have a 100 inch (254 cm) widescreen display from just three meters away on any blank wall or screen, but best results come when combining the proctor with a suitable screen.

To offer that “Cool Factor” you can play with some Smart Home solutions. Here’re some ideas of what you can do with some smart home appliances: 
  • Dim the lights for kick-off and the half-time show from the comfort of your couch
  • Raise the lights for interviews and the half-time report
  • Never again get in the way of the screen and block someone’s view to adjust the lights

Get in touch to find out how you can improve your experience with smart home devices!

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