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Quick Menu
Now LG provides the new Quick menu (ver. 4.0), making it easier and more user-friendly than the last version. The home menu solution has been upgraded in a big way with the addition of the new Hotel Promotional Video Creation Tool. Users can now also use Quick Manager for easy information distribution throughout the same network without a server or USB Cloning function, making this the perfect solution for Stand-Alone Usage Scenes.

More Innovative LG webOS 5.0
Explore the latest LG Smart TV features. Newly added Mood Display & Gallery modes enable you to utilize the TV as a customized clock and a piece of artwork which harmonizes with your space and life.

Voice Recognition
From seamless interaction to consistent user experience, LG is going one step further to lead the commercial TV market by including voice recognition, allowing users to easily control LG TVs. Our stable and dependable solutions based on webOS and Pro:Centric Direct will significantly enhance the competitiveness of our products and services, helping you achieve a successful business in the future.

Soft AP
Software-enabled Access Point (Soft AP) is a "virtual" Wi-Fi feature that uses the TV as a wireless hotspot, enabling guests to connect their own devices to the Soft AP. It supports Bridge Mode, allowing administrators to manage in-room Soft AP information such as signal level, Soft AP passwords, etc.

Hotel Mode (Public Display Mode)
You can control and set up the TV settings in business areas such as channel selection or volume level. It also enables you to restore default settings, as required, on the TVs.

Multi DRM
Prevent illegal copying of content with widely used DRM (Digital Right Management) such as Pro:Idiom and Verimatrix.

USB Cloning
USB data cloning makes setting up multiple displays more efficient for optimal operation. Instead of setting up each display one by one, data can be copied to a USB for one display and can be sent to the other displays via USB plug-in.

Remote Diagnostics
Save your expenses with the management of commercial TV with Remote Diagnostics. Remote Diagnostics quickly reports and detects error early in advance to prevent TVs from malfunctioning.

Welcome Video / Screen
With the capability to display a image selected, LG Commercial TV allows for a greater variation in greeting messages in hotel rooms which make customers feel more welcomed and cared for.

External Speaker Out
Enhance the entertainment experience with an additional speaker. Guests can listen and control the TV audio from anywhere in a hotel room.

Technical Specifications
Height 0.6500
Weight 10.1000
Width 0.0960
Length 1.1050
Brand LG

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