• Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Your Privacy

Alloys is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of all our Resellers and visitors. We understand that your privacy is important to you. It's just as important to us when we use the Internet.

The purpose of publishing our privacy policy is to outline exactly how we might gather information about people who use our website, how that information is stored & used, and our disclosure practices.

One of the primary breaches of privacy that can occur on the Internet is the remarketing of email address lists. You can be assured that Alloys will not do this with your details.

2. Site Usage Information

Alloys automatically collects routine statistical information about all visitors to our site through our web server logs (the same as most other sites on the Internet). These logs do not identify individuals - only page displays, data transfers, browser types and so forth.

We use this information to help us determine general usage patterns and fine tune our content and designs in order to make our website as useful and enjoyable as we can.

The Alloys Online website may issue activity tracking cookies to your web browser, which are used to persist the application session on our website.

3. Personal Data

Visitors may be asked for individually identifiable information when they sign up to use certain services (such as our A-mail, which asks for a valid email address) or when ordering products or services from our e-commerce system.

In some instances, visitors may be asked for personal interest and demographic information in order to create a more personalised user experience (eg: creating a customised front end or service on the website by using cookies to store your preferences from one visit to the next).

Your personal information is recorded in your personal profile and your user account on our secure database. This information is accessible for you from our control panel, web account and profile. You may peruse and change any of the information as you wish. If you no longer require a user account on our system, you can request to have it removed and all personal and identifiable information relating to you will be erased from our secure database. Your profile stores information you may volunteer to provide.

Alloys Online will not release any individually identifiable data that might be collected in this way without the affected individual's prior consent.

In other words, if you've ever passed your email address or some other information to us, we regard it as private and confidential. Nobody else will ever see it without your knowledge and informed written consent.

If you believe that your privacy has been breached by using our website, we want to hear about it and we'll take prompt action on the matter.

4. Company Data

Clients who sign up to use our e-commerce system will be asked for specific information about their company. This is required for use in our accounting system for the processing of orders for products or services from our e-commerce system. This information is stored as an online company profile in a secure database and on our accounting system.

5. Other Sensitive Information

We have taken great care in securing your sensitive information. Your passwords are strongly encrypted and then stored on our secure database. Passwords are never included in emails, as emails are generally transmitted in clear text (a security risk). Your password can be accessed only using an SSL (128 bit encrypted) secure web browser session to our website.

6. Order Information

Your orders are recorded on our secure database for a period of 13 months before removal, in case there is any need to refer to them again. As we do not accept credit card information for orders at present, there is no credit card information of any kind recorded in the secure database.

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