• Why IP Surveillance is growing in residential properties

Why IP Surveillance is growing in residential properties

Few years ago, getting a surveillance system for your home was a high investment and a complex installation process. Disruptive technologies made surveillance systems more accessible and easier to install. With increasing crime rates, Australian residents are getting more and more proactive about the importance of surveillance in their home and neighbourhood. Here's 4 reasons why surveillance is getting more popular than ever in residential areas:

1. Prevent and reduce burglary
Unfortunately, the threat of burglary is a reality in every home. Having a surveillance camera in the house is not only a way to be alerted when something is going wrong, but most importantly, to discourage from potential burglary and mitigate risk. Having a security system is the most effective way for families to intimidate burglars.

2. Feel secure and protected at home
More than ever before, families don't feel safe in their own homes. Video surveillance systems are the best way to keep an eye on all doors and entry points, at any time of the day. Anyone in the family can check the cameras on their mobile at anytime for peace of mind.

3. Cost effective
In the past, hiring a security service or installing a complex security system made this practically unaffordable. Nowadays, with DIY video surveillance available, it is more accessible than ever before and easy to install.

4. Babysitter camera
Lots of parents would like to keep an eye on their kids, even when the babysitter is there. With babysitter cameras, it's possible to monitor any activity from your mobile, even if parents are overseas or having dinner out. It can also help the babysitter if they are taking care of more than one child and needs to monitor the other kids on their mobile.

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