• MakerBot 3D printers designed sustainable buildings and green initiatives at ES@W Challenge

MakerBot 3D printers designed sustainable buildings and green initiatives at ES@W Challenge

Makerbot was a main sponsor of the Engineering Students @ Work program aimed to provide a realistic 3D experience focused on engineering projects to Year 9 students. The program provided a five-day opportunity for teams of 5-6 students to:

  • - Learn about the diversity and viability of engineering and how MakerBot 3D print is changing this market.
  • - Work with professional engineers and real projects modelling on MakerBot 3D printers.
  • - Develop an understanding of and an ability to create sustainable engineering solutions using 3D printers.

During the program creative thinking and analytical skills were applied with Makerbot 3D printers to develop engineering projects and solve problems with sustainable outcomes in mind.

The aim of this project was for each team to deliver a building within a Sustainable Satellite Community; developing concepts for the building, coordinating spaces which interfaced with each building, and integrated green initiatives.

Each team was assigned one of five buildings: 

  • - Residential Tower
  • - Retail Building
  • - Commercial Tower
  • - Medical Centre, or
  • - Recreational Sports Building

Each team were challenged to present a:

  • - Computer 3D model of their building
  • - Physical 3D model of their building
  • - Present the concept design
  • - Report about the materials/features of their building
  • - Design of the building based on sustainable features and identifying opportunities for looking at alternatives that may be considered in the future.

Engineers from Norman Disney & Young provided the project brief along with insights into specific disciplines of Engineering to be incorporated into their buildings and the use of MakerBot 3D printers provided by Alloys gave the teams the tool to use in creating their physical 3D models. 


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