• Digifort’s Integrated Video Synopsis has disrupted and changed the game in Video Surveillance

Digifort’s Integrated Video Synopsis has disrupted and changed the game in Video Surveillance

Video Synopsis® is a BriefCam technology that provides a rapid video review, search and analysis of events that occurred at different times. It is amazing to see this technology in action. The tool is so powerful it can recognise and extract objects, along with information about those objects, such as colour, direction, dwell time, size, path, speed, gender and more.

Attached above graphic shows how Digifort can examine footage during a specified timeframe and show you in a single screen all relevant footage based on your set criteria.

In a recent case study, a US police department used Video Synopsis to detect and prevent a potential child predator. The police department were able to reduce 15 minutes of video to 9 seconds and use features to limit the false detection of new objects in a frame, to filter out the movements in the environment, as well as to handle complex lighting conditions on the fly.

“Digifort is excited to work with BriefCam and offer customers enhanced search features alongside its high specification intelligent VMS solutions,” said Tooma, Digifort Director. “We are highly impressed with BriefCam’s technology, and its integration with Digifort’s VMS will enable users to leverage their surveillance systems and easily identify unreported events, reduce data search times, process evidence faster, share data effectively and much more.”

 “We’re delighted to welcome Digifort to our ever-expanding roster of partners,” said BriefCam Vice President of Sales Warren Stein. “Digifort is a global company with developments done in Brazil – where BriefCam Syndex was installed to enhance security ahead of the Olympic Games this past summer – and its international presence makes it a formidable asset as BriefCam continues to make inroads around the globe.”

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