• The Graphics' Goliath of Large Format Print

The Graphics' Goliath of Large Format Print

We asked Canon why their imagePROGRAF PRO series are the graphics' goliaths in the world of large format print. They said, they’re user-friendly and save costs. We said, prove it. They said:

We’ve got Multifunctional Roll Units
This super-easy to load multifunctional roll unit allows customers to simultaneously use two different media types, or indeed sizes, with rapid, fully automatic switching between both rolls.

Available as an optional extra for all machines from 24” to 60”, this standout function could massively increase print productivity in busy environments such as copy shops and print bureaus where roll unloading and reloading is likely to account for 90% or more of the printer’s daily downtime and may often be the bottleneck in production.

Not only that, but if you prefer to finish your work later offline when trimming or laminating, then the second roll holder can easily switch to working as a take-up spool unit. This clever component even has the ability to roll up prints with the printed surface inside, (rather than the usual outer wind) to protect them for postage, assist with laminating or even to help de-curl tightly wound rolls!

We have variable Ink Tank sizes
The Canon imagePROGRAF PRO series of printers are now all capable of using 3 different sizes of ink tanks to work more closely with your customer’s printing requirements and cash flow.

The new Lucia PRO inks come in 160ml, 330ml and 700ml sizes and can be freely mixed and matched between colours and between different machine sizes. Many customers may therefore choose to buy lesser used ink tanks such as the red and blue in 160ml format, whilst using 700ml tanks for the most commonly used grey and yellow inks. As customers have now come to expect from Canon machines, the inks are all hot swappable, meaning that they can be replaced during printing without stopping the machine and causing unnecessary downtime. Even more helpfully, customers can now see the ink sub-tank reservoir level on the printer’s colour display panel, giving them better visibility of exactly how much ink is left in their printer.

Resellers can even upload their logo and contact details onto the printer panel using the remote user interface to remind their customers where to purchase ink from!

We’ve got an excellent Accounting Manager – Fleet
To help your customers manage their expenditure and ensure accurate billing, the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO series come with the unique Canon accounting tool for both PC and MAC, precisely detailing ink, media and other costs for every print produced.

In addition, this amazing software also allows for centralised management of the print job histories of multiple printers. Once the customer inputs their consumables buy price to a central device the details can then be instantly exported to the fleet, rather than setting it up on every individual printer. All of this data can be output to external software, such as Excel, through CSV output if required.

In short, whether PC or MAC based, your customers can determine exactly who printed what, when, where, total ink and paper consumed (including media type) and the precise total cost…all within a few simple clicks.

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