• Epson's got it in the bag!

Epson's got it in the bag!

Yes, Epson’s Replaceable Ink Pack System, or RIPS, is ink in a bag!

I can’t be certain that it’s true, but I’d like to think that Epson’s inspiration for developing their ink-in-a-bag system came from the all Australian cask! Cask wine, goon bag, Chateau cardboard…. Call it what you will, there’s no doubt that this method of wine delivery changed the way the world consumed the fermented grape.

Just like the cask, the RIPS, delivers a bigger content load than via the traditional method. Or to put it another way, Epson's RIPS is to the ink cartridge, what the cask is to the bottle. So instead of a traditional 20k pages per cartridge, the RIPS provide up to 84k pages of ink, out of the bag.

Like the cask, it’s not for everyone, but like the cask, it delivers big on eco-credentials and cost effectiveness. It travels well too. In fact, it’s great for remote environments given the longevity of the ink deliver.

Schools will love it too for the high volume versatile media handling and low volume operating costs. Take a look at how Epson have re-invented the inkjet.

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